Q. What is The Queen of Chocolate – Chocolate Mix?

A. The Queen of Chocolate- Chocolate Mix is a powdery blend of rich, natural high fat cocoa and our treatment free Arizona Rangeland Honey.


Q. Do you mean that the honey is already in the cocoa? It looks like cocoa powder.

A. Yes, due to our special techniques, the honey is already in there!


Q. Is the honey still raw?

A. Yes. The Queen of Chocolate is never heated. The honey will remain raw as long as you blend the mix with liquids under 100 degrees. (See Honey FAQ’s.)


Q. Honey sweetened chocolate? I’m not sure I would like the taste.

A. Until we created The Queen of Chocolate, we, too, were doubtful. Because we use only the highest quality high fat cocoa and the Arizona Rangeland Honey has natural undertones of butter and caramel, The Queen of Chocolate has a deep, rich chocolate flavor, without the high notes of sugar or floral overtones of most other honeys.


Q. How do I use The Queen of Chocolate – Chocolate Mix?

A. In as many ways you can think of! It is delicious as a sprinkle, mixed with water (or other liquid) into a fudge, fudge sauce, pudding, chocolate sauce, or a hot or cold beverage. You can even eat it dry with a spoon and let it melt on your tongue. Go to our recipes and serving suggestions for more ideas.


Q. How do I know how much chocolate mix to use?

A. When it comes to chocolate, quantities are very subjective! We give guidelines on the hangtag and in our recipes but you should feel free to use the mix to your taste.


Q. How should I store The Queen of Chocolate – Chocolate Mix?

A. In the powder form, The Queen of Chocolate – Chocolate Mix can be stored anywhere you store dry goods. Tightly closed, in a cool, dry area is best. Once The Queen of Chocolate is mixed with any liquid, treat it as you would any perishable food. Consume within a few hours or tightly seal and refrigerate and consume within a few days.


Q. I can’t eat nuts/dairy/refined sugar. Is The Queen of Chocolate safe for me?

A. Our certified food processing facility is 100% nut free. We do not use any dairy or refined sugar in the making of The Queen of Chocolate – Chocolate Mix. The only ingredients in The Queen of Chocolate Classic variety are natural high fat cocoa and raw honey.


Q. Why does The Queen of Chocolate – Chocolate Mix taste so rich?

A. Most cocoas have the cocoa butter removed as part of the processing. We only use high fat cocoa that has not undergone this process. Our natural high fat cocoa has a rich, deep chocolate flavor and creamy mouth feel without the addition of other fats.


Q. I have a problem with chocolate addiction. Won’t The Queen of Chocolate set me back again?

A. We, too, were once addicted to chocolate. Since creating The Queen of Chocolate we have resolved our chocolate habit and now rarely consume any chocolate but The Queen of Chocolate. Because we are now able to get what we were craving without the uncomfortable results of consuming refined sweeteners, we are able to enjoy The Queen of Chocolate without spinning into an addictive cycle.


Q. Where is The Queen of Chocolate made?

A. We make it ourselves in our certified food facility in Leominster, Massachusetts, in the same factory complex where the pink plastic lawn flamingo was born.


Q. Does The Queen of Chocolate – Chocolate Mix come in varieties other than Classic?

A. Yes. We also make Spicy (with Turkish Aleppo pepper), Sweet (with extra honey) and Mint (with chocolate mint). Because we own and operate the facility, we can easily experiment with new varieties. If you have suggestions for what you would like to see us make, let us know!