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Golden Rule Honey FAQ’s

We give honey tastes and talk to thousands of people each year at the different farmer’s markets and stores where we sell our honeys.   We’ve answered these questions about Dee Lusby’s Arizona Rangeland Honey and Kirk Webster’s Vermont Honey almost that many times.

Q.  Why are the honeys different colors?

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About our Honey

We pack and sell honey from beekeepers who do not treat their bees with anything including chemicals, organic acids, essential oils, or sugar dusting, who do not medicate their bees with anything including antibiotics and who do not feed their bees with sugar, high fructose corn syrup, pollen substitutes or any other artificial foods.  The bees all live in stationary, non-migratory hives and have the pollen and nectars they have collected and processed as their food sources.

Our honeys are raw, unheated and unfiltered.  We receive them in crystallized form in barrels, hand scoop them and gently warm them enough to bottle them.  We only use glass jars and bottles and metal caps

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