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Hot Honey Milk


Milk and honey often end up as additions to beverages but they are incredibly soothing and satisfying on their own.  Next time your nerves are feeling jangled and you're craving a break, skip the caffiene and go straight to this hot, soothing drink.  Perfect before bed for kids or grownups...sweet dreams!


Hot Honey Milk

Heat one mug of milk per serving in microwave or on stovetop until almost boiling.

Stir in honey to taste, ~ 1 teaspoon per serving.

Froth if desired and top if desired with an excellent cinnamon (we love Penzey's Chinese Cassia Cinnamon) or fresh grated nutmeg.

You can also use a cinnamon stick as a stirrer (and a straw!) in the mug.  Lot's of fun and yummy to chew on as the cinnamon stick gets soft!