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This very complimentary Blog Post seems to have made the rounds.


Kirk Webster:

"When we learn to live by creating a better world rather than using up the one we have, keeping bees without treatments will be easy. Until that time, methods like those that Dean and Laurie describe are necessary, and worth every bit of struggle. It's the best way."

Michael Bush:

"I've known Dean and Laurie for a while. I've heard them speak. I've read their posts on bee forums. So I had high expectations. They were exceeded. Something as complex as bees and beekeeping is very difficult to explain to a complete neophyte as the complexity and interrelatedness of everything makes it difficult to know where to start. I really didn't think anyone could write something so basic and still cover the essentials, but I think they have succeeded beyond any of the hundreds of beginning beekeeping books I've read over the years. Thanks Dean and Laurie for writing this. Now I know where to send a beginner for a book."

Eric Knutzen:

"What's great about this book is that it explains small cell, foundationless, no treatment beekeeping for beginners. It's the first book, that I'm aware of, to do so. I know from experience that these methods work well. I've also found these natural methods to be a lot less labor intensive than conventional beekeeping. A great book for beginners or for beekeepers thinking of switching over to natural methods."

Adam Schreiber:

"As a relatively new beekeeper interested in natural beekeeping methods I have been searching for a book like this for 2 years. The book is easy to read, very well written and best of all, it contains information that no other book on beekeeping contains. The concise information on small-cell beekeeping, unlimited broodnest, the importance of the microbial environment of the hive, and the general approach of treatment free management methods is all a breath of fresh air in a genre of books that usually advocates for unnecessarily micro-managing our hives and also dumping all kinds of unhealthy chemicals into our hives.

I congratulate the authors on writing a book that I will undoubtedly refer to over and over again as I continue to learn more about bees and beekeeping. I highly recommend this book - especially if you are just getting started with bees."

Roger Weld:

"The one to get...... if you are only getting one book on beekeeping. The book heavily emphasizes sustainable beekeeping practices which is what I am interested in.
My only complaint is wanting to see more photos of basics. Perhaps in the next edition... :)"

Of course not all reviews are stellar, and not all opinions can be put  into words.