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Foundationless Frames: How To

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.  Written descriptions of how to use popsicle sticks as comb guides always leave someone confused.  It is much easier to do this step before assembling the rest of the frame.

This is a groove top bar.


Glue (with woodglue)  2 full (and one partial)  "Jumbo Craft Sticks" (from Walmart or Michael's Crafts) into the groove.  There is no need to fill the groove with glue, a small blob every couple of inches will do.


Here is a closeup of the partial stick (broken at the right end).  There is no need to be precise here, you can snap the popsicle sticks by eye.



If you are doing a lot of them, you can make a little jig to snap them in the right spot.

(photo forthcoming)

This is a full frame of brood in a foundationless frame.



Detail of how comb is attached to the popsicle stick.