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A Work In Progress

We get asked all the time if we will post copies of our presentation slides.  Generally, we don't like to do this, as our talks are always dense with information and data, the slides only hint at what we are talking about, and they are simply too likely to be misinterpreted...which isn't really good for us, and it's not good for the person misinterpreting us (or their bees).

This is a version we gave just about a year ago for some beekeepers in New York State...we won't promise to clarify or explain all of is a fast moving hour and a half to cover it, but we want to show the general ideas and topics we feel are importnat  to discuss if one is to go into depth (and note we talk about losses as well as success).  This is too much to cover in an hour and a half...but it's also impossible to drop any of it and give a big enough picture in order for it to really make sense.

PDF of "A Work In Progress" Here